Our Founder

Dong Yaohui was born in Funing County, Hebei Province, on May 1, 1957. A well-known expert on the Great Wall, Dong Yaohui serves as vice-president of the China Great Wall Society, director of the Great Wall Fund Management Committee of the China Culture Relics Protection Foundation, director of the China Great Wall Culture Research Center, chief editor of the China Great Wall Annal, and director of the Academic Committee of the China Great Wall Museum.

By braving the wind and rain for 508 days from May 4, 1984 to September 24, 1985, Dong Yaohui tramped over the mountains, went across the Gobi Desert, and managed to reach Jiayuguan Pass (the end point of the Great Wall) from Shanhaiguan Pass with Wu Deyu and Zhang Yuanhua, completing the heroic task and historic feat of initial on-foot observation of the Great Wall. Later, he studied under Hou Renzhi, a famous historian and geologist at Peking University.

Dong Yaohui has devoted himself to research of the Great Wall for over 20 years, making great contributions to the protection, maintenance, propaganda, and development of the Great Wall. He was designated as an expert to accompany the US former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to visit the Great Wall during their trip to China on June 28, 1998 and February 21, 2002 respectively.

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