Ancient Great Wall Peasant Protector-from Hated by all to Praised by all

One of the essences along the Great Wall, the Ming-era Great Wall stretches over 140 kilometers in Funing County of Hebei Province, which is relatively well-preserved due to the continuous protection from 18 Great Wall protectors such as Zhang Heshan. The 60-year old Zhang Heshan was born in Chengziyu Village, Zhucaoying Town, Funing County of Hebei Province, who has volunteered to guard the Great Wall section along his hometown by walking over 10-kilometer mountainous road each ...

The Unceasing Great Wall Guard Zheng Yan

An old man often walks on the Great Wall, and he is familiar with us due to he often occupying himself in taking photos for other people in various kinds of Great Wall activities. He always writes articles to introduce the others but never introduces himself and seldom shows himself in photos, and he is Zheng Yan, a respectful scholar, expert, forerunner and chief editor of the authoritative Great Wall magazines Ten-Thousand-Li Great Wall and Great Wall Museum. lAt the foot ...

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Foreign Tourist on Badaling Great Wall in Early Years

Heliograph Postcard in 1930s Badaling Great Wall has drawn special tourists since its early age. As early as 100 years ago, some western explorers and geographers visited Badaling Great Wall for field investigation, and they also returned to their countries with numerous photos taken on the spot for publicizing. later, a number of westerners traveled thousands of miles to China for visiting the Great Wall, one of the greatest engineerings in the history of human beings, ...