About the CGWF

The China Great Wall Foundation (CGWF) is the secondary foundation to the China Culture Relics Protection Foundation.

Most sections of the Great Wall are incredibly damaged now. Great difficulty still lies ahead when it comes to the overall protection of the Great Wall, though the protection and renovation projects have been actively pushed forward under the guidance of the government; therefore, there is much room for enhancement in the political, economic, military, and ethnic research related to the Great Wall.

When it comes to the protection of the Great Wall, the financial issue is highlighted due to limited funds that are only invested in a few key sections. As a result, the CGWF was set up by the China Culture Relics Protection Foundation (subordinate to China's State Cultural Relics Bureau) in May 2014 under the advocation of experts, scholars, and relic protectors.

The CGWF aims at protecting the Great Wall and carrying forward cultural transmission and public welfare while safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of both donors and beneficiaries. This includes organizing and carrying out various types of work according to the Welfare Donations Law of the People's Republic of China, the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Cultural Relics, China's State Council regulations on the protection of the Great Wall, and the Regulations on the Administration of Foundations, as well as other related laws and regulations.

The CGWF plays a substantial role in enhancing the construction of the key national cultural relics units, strengthening the protection and inheritance of cultural relics, improving the creativity and cohesion of Chinese culture, and promoting the development and prosperity of Chinese culture.